How to generate income online without doing anything

Earning money by actively working for them is one thing, but how about earning money while you’re doing nothing at all? That is precisely what we are going to present here: ways to generate income online with little or no effort.

To make money doing nothing, you still have to put in a bit of effort in the beginning. In other words, you still have to do something, but it will definitely be worth it in the long run. Investing a little knowledge and effort for two or three weeks for the worst case, for example, to generate income over longer periods of time, maybe even years or your whole life, is definitely worth it .

Here are some ways to generate income online while doing next to nothing:

Sell ​​photos and videos

Did you know that there are many websites that would pay you for the photos and videos you take? Everyone takes pictures and movies with their smartphone these days, but there is still a big catch to this business.

You need a flagship phone or a professional camera because not all photos and videos will be accepted. Trust us on this: websites are VERY pretentious when it comes to the photos and videos you want to sell. But if you qualify for their demands, go ahead and create an account! Upload all your photos and videos to the profile, spend a few hours adding keywords and descriptions, and you’re set. You will be notified when someone purchases a photo or video.

Create apps/games

If you’re good at coding and programming, you should always consider making an app or video game and selling it. You can add such software to the Google Play Store, for example, for just $25.

You just need a little imagination to create an app that does something different. When it comes to video games, your imagination can get even crazier. Gaming is such a profitable industry, which means you should definitely bring your own creations into this field if you have programming skills!

Sell ​​physical items

Surely you have items that you no longer need and can earn money online. Maybe you have an old phone, laptop, or console. You may have clothes that no longer fit because you have developed a deep relationship with your meals. Maybe you even have toys from when you were little. Maybe you have jewelry, precious metals, electronic parts (yes, people buy those too), auto parts, etc.

Suppose you have a total of 200 items at home that you would like to sell. There are many websites where you can sell them. You can head over to a few of them, create a profile, and add all of your items in one go. Spending a few hours adding descriptions, photos, and prices can definitely be worth it. It might take weeks or months to sell them all, but you’re practically making money online while you’re doing nothing.

Write content

You can consider writing articles on various topics that interest people, such as cooking, technology, nature, fashion, etc. Writing an article that goes viral can generate a lot of profit over time, even if you only invested half an hour in creating it. You can also consider writing an e-book and selling it online. You’ll also have to spend time and maybe even money promoting it, but it’ll definitely be worth it as long as you provide some value. Speaking of money, you can write content about financial businesses. Everyone is interested in making money!

There are lots of ways to make money online without doing anything, and maybe sometimes we forget that the internet is so much more than just entertainment.

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